martes, 5 de julio de 2011

Decorated Lunch Sacks

What is moving me today?  Bubble wrap.  I think bubble wrap make great stamps, and I wanted to try it myself.  Turns out this is a great project for kids. And then I was thinking, if you are a brown bag lunch family, it would be fun to paint your lunch bags for the school year now (at least a few of them).  Paint them, store them and then on a random day bring one out as a surprise - and a special reminder of a fun summer day! Gather These Supplies Brown paper bags Acrylic paint - random colors Bubble wrap Scissors Paintbrush Sharpies

Grab some bubble wrap (mine's recycled from a package I got) and random paint colors - just use what you have.

Cut the bubble wrap into shapes.  You could even draw shapes on the back side with your Sharpies and cut them out if you don't want to roll freehand.

Use a paintbrush to coat the bubble side of your wrap.  Don't be afraid to mix colors.  I suppose you could dip, but that's kinda messy.

Press the shape down on the paper bag firmly.
Peel up.  Yay!  It looks so cool.
Put multiple shapes on one bag.
Use different shapes and color combinations.  Write the names of the lucky recipients on the front with your Sharpies.
In addition to lunch bags, you get some white bags and cover them for an interesting way to package a gift.  You could even use this method on a canvas!  I had so much fun - I can't imagine how much your kids with love this.

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