domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Make a Quilt Picnic Basket Cover

This design is made by four arcs that meet at their points to form a nice motif in their own right. It uses only two pattern pieces and is machine-appliquéd to a base. As a mini quilt, it makes a perfect cover for a picnic basket, and it’s just the right size on which to spread out a picnic for two.

What you’ll need to make a 27-inch x 27-inch quilted picnic mat:
  • 1 yard of fabric for the backing, borders, and four end blocks
  • 3/4 yard of fabric for the base
  • 1/4 yard of fabric for the eight arcs
  • 1/8 yard of fabric for the remaining four end blocks
  • A square of quilt batting slightly larger than 25 inches x 25 inches
  • Thread
To make the mat:
1. Enlarge the pattern below by 300% and cut eight arcs and eight corner squares (four light and four dark).

Cut eight arcs and eight squares (four light and four dark).  

2. Lay out the cut pieces, matching the curved edges of the corner squares to the ends of the arcs.

Lay out the arcs and squares.  

3. Sew one light square and one dark square to each end of four of the arcs. Pin before you sew—you’ll be matching a concave curve to a convex curve, so match the edges carefully. Press the seam allowances open.

Match a concave edge of the corner square to the convex end of the arc.

Pin carefully to keep the edges even.

Press the seams open.  

4. Sew the remaining four arcs to the other curved edge of each corner square, but sew only to the existing stitching.

5. Press the seam allowances open. Then press under the outer and inner edges of each oval.

Stitch the remaining arcs to the corner squares to the previous stitching line. Press under the inner and outer edges of the oval 1/4 inch.

The gentle curve presses easily without clipping.
6. Sew the ovals together so the squares alternate at the center.

7. Cut the base fabric 23 inches x 23 inches and find the center of this square by folding into quarters.

Fold the base fabric into quarters to find the center.

8. Position the oval medallion on the base and pin in place with the pins perpendicular to the folds.

Pin the medallion to the base fabric.

9. Stitch the medallion to the base along the inner and outer edges of each oval.

Stitch along the edges of the inner and outer folds.

10. Cut the backing 30 inches x 30 inches.

11. Layer the top, batting, and backing with the batting extending at least 2 inches beyond the top and the backing extending 2-1/2 inches beyond the batting.

Layer the top, batting, and backing. 

12. Quilt the layers together around the ovals or in a pattern of your choice.

13. Trim the batting so it extends 2 inches beyond the top on all sides—but don’t cut the backing!

14. To make the borders and miter the corners, press under 1/4 inch along the outer edges of the backing. Turn up the backing at each corner.

Turn up the corners of the border.

15. Fold the backing up over the batting to form a hem and create miters at the corners. Stitch through all thicknesses along the inner fold.  

Turn up the hem and form the miter.  Spread out your picnic and enjoy!

Enjoy your picnic for two!

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I love your picnic "blanket". It´s easy how to explain the directions!! I invite you to visit my blog

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Hola Galdys, muchas gracias por escribir y por invitarme a tu blog, ya soy tu seguidora :) Me gustó muchísimo los cupcakes y los zapatitos de bb wow gracias por compartir... Voy a darme mis vueltas, gracias!!