viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Cross Stitch Photo Album And Eyeglass Case

Organize photos in albums with black-linen covers embroidered with dates. A clever linen eyeglass case is decorated with the lettering of an eye chart.

Photo Album How-To
 Begin by making a paper pattern. Lay the album open on a piece of kraft paper. 

Measure and cut out a rectangle that is 6 inches wider and 4 inches taller than the open album.

1 Center the album on the paper. Fold up the bottom, creasing along the edge of the album; fold down the top, doing the same. Place the album on top of the folded edges; close the album. Fold in both ends, creasing at the edge of album covers and along spine.

2 Remove album. Unfold the paper, and lay it on fabric; cut out fabric to size of pattern. Using paper pattern as a guide, mark all creases on fabric with tailor's chalk.

3 Cross-stitch the date onto the spine area. (See the next page, for more details.) Steam-iron other creases into fabric (first folding ends with right sides facing; then top and bottom with wrong sides facing). Test on album to make sure it is centered. Remove album, unfold top and bottom, and stitch along top and bottom turnbacks at crease to secure.

4 Turn pockets right side out. Slip the album inside the cover. 

Eyeglass Case How-To

To make eyeglass case, cross-stitch one piece of 5-by-10-inch fabric (Download our pattern.), sew it to another of that size, and hem.

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