lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Your Own Valentine

My kind of Valentine! Filled with all of the things I'd like in a beau. Know a fella like this? Why don't you send him my way!?! 

I must admit I'm not a big Valentine's Day fan. You see, I've never actually had a Valentine, but I suspect that even if I had, I wouldn't care for it. It seems to me that Valentine's Day only exists to make people in relationships feel as though they must spend spend spend to prove their love and to make the single out there feel as though they were the loneliest sots in all the world. Still, I am a romantic, and though Valentine-less, I still hope for love. This Valentine's Day I've decided why wait for Mr. Right when I can just make my own! Wanna make your own, too?

Here's what you'll need:
  • A large, 100% wool sweater, felted down in the wash
  • Craft scraps (I used felt and fabric paint, but you can use any sort of fabric, button, or embroidery)
  • Embroidery floss or yarn
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Typewriter or printer or pen

Shrink down a 100% wool sweater to make the wonderful felt fabric needed for this doll. All you have to do is wash it in hot water in your washing machine and dry it on hot in your dryer. That will turn a large wool sweater into an extra-small in no time flat!

I didn't add a set pattern for the Valentine because you should make it to suit your wants and needs. Making this for your own true love? Why don't you make it look like you!?! To move on from a breakup? Make an extreme version of your ex! As your dream beau? Just have fun! That's what I did! Just remember when making your pattern, add extra room for your seam allowance and stuffing.

 Cut the shape of a person out of paper; it doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be fun! I gave my Valentine a big head...I like a big brain! Pin the pattern to your felted sweater.

Cut out the front and back of your Valentine for the sweater. Now comes the fun part! Decorate your Valentine! I used felt and fabric paint because I have TONS of felt and fabric paint, but you can use whatever's floating around your craft space.

I used scraps of felt for the accents of my Valentine and painted the face using fabric paint. If you don't have felt and paint handy, you could use floss or yarn to embroider details and buttons for fun accents. 

I sewed my Valentine together using a blanket stitch, leaving a 3-inch-long hole under the right arm for stuffing. Now that your Valentine is all sewn together, it's time to stuff it! I had a lot of sweater left over once cutting out my pattern but, sadly, not enough to make much out of it. What I did instead was cut it up to use as stuffing for my Valentine.

I cut up the extra bits of sweater to stuff my new Valentine! Along with the sweater stuffing, I stuffed my Valentine with wishes.

I used my thrifted typewriter to type out all of my ideal Valentine wishes, including brings me soup and juice when I'm sick, makes things, understands my dog, and loves sci-fi. No typwriter? Just write everything out or print it all out using your printer.

If you're making this for your love, write out all the things you love most about him/her. Making it to get over your ex? Write all the things you couldn't stand!

All of my ideal Valentine wishes are cut out and ready to roll. My Valentine's wishes are all rolled up and ready to be added to the stuffing. Once you have your wishes rolled and your stuffing cut, stuff your Valentine and sew it up.

My kind of Valentine! Filled with all of the things I'd like in a beau. Know a fella like this? Why don't you send him my way!?! I added a tag on my beau. If your Valentine's a gift, add a list of all the things you've stuffed inside it. Let your love know how you feel. That's better than any dinner you could buy. Heck! Letting your love know how you feel is the best Valentine of all.

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