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Crochet Cute Christmas Ornaments

These cute ornaments are quick to make and embellish!
Use up your scraps making these sweet little Christmas ornaments. They work up really quickly (and easily), and then you can embellish them to your heart's desire. Here's my original pattern for the ornaments, and then I'll walk you through the steps as always.

Crocheted Christmas Ornament
Yarn/Hook: I used worsted-weight yarn (Cascade 220) and a size F (3.75 mm) hook. You can use any yarn weight and the corresponding hook size—gauge is not all that important for this pattern. The finished ornament measures 3 inches long.
Make a magic ring. (See this tutorial if you've never made one, or just work into the slip knot).
Round 1: Chain 3, 11 double crochet into ring, join with a slip stitch in top of beginning chain—12 double crochet.
Round 2: Chain 3, double crochet in first double crochet, 2 double crochet in each of next 5 stitches, (2 treble crochet, picot) in next stitch, 2 treble crochet in following stitch, 2 double crochet in each of remaining stitches. Join with a slip stitch in top of beginning chain—20 double crochet, 4 treble crochet.
Round 3: Slip stitch into the next stitch, chain 2, and half double crochet into the same stitch, 2 half double crochet in the next stitch, fasten off—4 half double crochet. Weave in the ends.

Here are the tricky crochet parts—and trust me, they're not even tricky. These all happen in round 2.

To make a treble crochet, yarn over twice and insert your hook in the stitch. Draw up a loop, (yarn over, draw loop through first 2 loops on hook) three times.

To make a picot, chain 3, then slip stitch in the 3rd chain from your hook.

Try sewing on sequins, buttons, and beads—or use a contrasting color of yarn to do a little embroidery.

Insert wire hangers and your ornaments are ready to hang.
These would also make cute gift tags or a great garland (imagine stringing them along a crocheted chain). Expirement with embellishing, and also try changing colors between rounds. I love the one I made with a soft blue center—combined with the sequin, it evokes the memory of the mirrored glass ornaments my parents had. 

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