martes, 4 de mayo de 2010

Dress up a pillow with a photo for Mom on Mother's Day.

What You Need
  • White cotton fabric
  • Personal photo
  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • Iron
  • Fusible web
  • Color cotton fabric
  • Small pillow

How to Make It
  • Cut a square of cotton fabric smaller than and complementary to the fabric on the pillow front.
  • Scan a photo to fit with about a 1-inch border on all sides.
  • Print it onto T-shirt transfer paper, trim closely around the photo, and iron onto white cotton fabric (do not remove the paper yet).
  • Next, iron the white fabric to fusible web. Trim around the photo; remove the backing from the fusible web, and iron it onto the center of the colored fabric.
  • Press and remove the paper from the iron-on transfer. Use fabric glue to frame the photo with trim and to attach the fabric square to the pillow. 
      Tip:  If you want to use a premade form for stuffing, be sure to make your pillow a standard size.

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