viernes, 12 de febrero de 2010

Baby Booties and Play Block

Weave two 4-inch squares. 

Fold one in half to form a rectangle. 

With the same yarn, stitch one short side to create heel. 

Stitch up nearly half of length to form an opening. 

Make a running stitch around front opening, then pull to cinch closed; stitch over several times to secure before ending in a knot. 

With a different yarn, sew a running stitch around top opening, just under scalloped edge; tie ends in a bow. 

Repeat with second square. 

When making items for a baby, use soft materials that will be gentle on sensitive skin; we used cashmere and baby-alpaca yarns. 

Weave six swatches from a 4-inch loom, and sew together in a "T" form. 

Place a 4-inch foam block on center square, and continue stitching swatches together, enclosing foam.

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