sábado, 2 de enero de 2010

True Love Card

Design by Erin Terrell

What You Need: 

Two-tone card stock  
Metal mailbox letters  
Paper adhesive  
Acrylic paint, to match card stock  
Heart charm  
Ribbon, any color  
Safety pin

    Cut a card from two-tone card stock, and fold with the darker side facing out.  
    Sand the edges of the card front.  
    Mat metal mailbox letters on the lighter side of a scrap piece of card stock, emboss them around the edges with a stylus, and adhere them to the card.  
    Paint the heart charm to match the card and allow it to dry.  
    Wrap ribbon around the card front.  
    Attach the charm using a safety pin.
      Two-tone card stock, mailbox letters, paint, ribbon, jump rings, and safety pins by Making Memories.

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