martes, 5 de enero de 2010

Make Valentine's Day Coasters and Place Mats

Wrote by Better Homes

Decorate your table this Valentine's Day with hand-painted coasters and place mats shaped like hearts. Kids will love helping out with this project!
What You'll Need
  • Tracing paper, pencil, and scissors
  • Magenta crafts foam (1 large sheet makes 1 place mat and 1 coaster)
  • Checkerboard stencil
  • Acrylic paints: fuchsia, mulberry, cardinal red, and metallic gold
  • Rounded paintbrush, thin paintbrush

Download the heart pattern with the link below. Enlarge and trace; cut out. (One square on the pattern equals 1 inch.) 
Lay place mat heart patterns and coaster pattern on one piece of foam. Trace with a pencil. Cut shapes out using scissors. Repeat process for each place setting. 
Lay checkerboard stencil midway down the heart and trace one row of squares with a pencil. Repeat this for each heart. 
Begin painting bottom of heart with fuchsia in small sweeping strokes. Paint sweeping strokes of mulberry and cardinal red. Finish with small sweeping dabs of metallic gold. 
Paint the checkerboard metallic gold and mulberry. 
Paint the top of the heart in mulberry with swirling strokes of fuchsia and cardinal red. Outline each heart with a thin line of mulberry. Let paint dry.
Download heart patterns

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