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Make a Quilted Potholder for Christmas!

Wrote by by sewing expert Christina Sherrod of CraftandFabricLinks.com.

There is nothing more wonderful than a hand made, unique gift. This potholder is easy to make, plus it teaches you new quilting skills, as well as how to transfer an image to fabric. Use our free graphic, or use one of your own favorite photos or graphics. Add lace, ribbon etc. as trim (optional).
FINISHED SIZE: approx. 8.75" x 8.75" 

Supply list: 
Use your own choice of prints etc. The colors listed below refer to the diagram. I used darker green for my small border squares (see photo above). These directions refer to the small squares as red.

White Transfer Fabric: Two 8.5" x 11" sheets (note: you can purchase transfer fabric sheets at sewing or craft stores or buy Colorfast Sew-In Inkjet Fabric Sheets online from Amazon
Green Fabric: enough to make two 4.5" x 4.5" squares.
Red Fabric: a strip that is 24" long by 2" wide
Backing Fabric & Batting: 8.75" x 8.75" square  

 It is always a good idea to pre-shrink your fabric. Purchase a bit extra to allow for shrinkage.
All seams are 1/4 inch. Always iron between steps. 
Seam Binding: enough to go around the finished potholder (approximately 36") PLUS enough for the hanging loop (total 41"). 
Or, you can purchase a plastic or wood ring for hanging the potholder. You can also make your own binding out of matching fabric. Refer to instructions below. 
Thread (to match background) 

FREE Graphic or graphic of your choice 
Ribbon or lace, etc. for trim 
Sewing Supplies: scissors, quilting pins, large sewing ruler, fabric marking pencils, seam ripper 
Hint: quilting pins are easier to use than regular pins; a tupperware box works well as a supply box.

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