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Foam Star Christmas Ornaments

These 3-D stars are made from thin sheets of crafting foam, and are so easy to make, the kids can share in the fun.

These three-dimensional stars look a lot more complex than they really are. Our simple pattern lets you create each ornament using two pieces of hand-decorated crafting foam. Some decorative wire hangers and a few beads are the only other supplies you'll need.

Materials and Tools
Star pattern (see link below)
Blue crafting foam, such as Fun Foam
Silver and gold metallic paint markers
10-inch lengths of 24-gauge silver and gold wire
Glass beads in gray, white, and blue

Download Star Pattern


1. Download, print, and cut out the pattern. (See link below.)
2. Trace the pattern on the foam, tracing two stars for each ornament.
3. Cut out the stars and make the indicated slits. Use a paint marker to draw spirals, spots, dots, or stripes onto each star. Let the marker dry.
4. Join the stars by threading the slits together. Push one end of wire through a star point and then let the star hang in the center of the wire. Push the wire ends through a bead in opposite direction to create a 3- to 4-inch loop of wire for hanging. Bend and spiral the wire ends around a pencil point.

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