viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

Sweet Baby Books

From the book, Gifts to Make

Dainty designs on soft felt are a perfect combination to create a memory book for a baby.
What You Need:

Stiffened felt in blue or pink and white
Album, approximately 5 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches with a 3/4-inch-wide spine
Matching blue or pink, white, and silver embroidery floss
Darning needle
Pearl beads
Star or moon cookie cutter, optional


1. Cut a 7 x 11 3/4-inch piece of felt to cover the front and back of the album and two 3 x 7-inch rectangles of felt for the front and back inside cover flaps. To cover a larger or smaller album, make a pattern by laying the covers and center spine flat on a piece of paper. Trace around the covers and then add 1/8 inch to all sides before cutting out the felt. Use the length of the cover to determine the length of the two inside cover flaps. Adjust the width of the flaps to fit your album (3 inches in width is a good starting point).

2. Draw a simple star or moon or trace a cookie cutter on white felt. Cut out shape. Arrange the pattern pieces on the center of the right half of the precut felt cover. Working with one pattern piece at a time, stitch them in place. To stitch the small stars, start with a single horizontal white or silver stitch and then layer two diagonal and one vertical stitch over the center of the first stitch.

3. Use the white thread to stitch pearl eyes and accents onto the pattern pieces. With several strands of the white floss, stitch a small mouth on the star or moon and then stitch a lettered message. Position the flaps under the right- and left-hand edges of the cover. Working with one side and flap at a time, blanket-stitch the outer edge of the flap to the outer edge of the cover. Repeat the process to attach the second flap to the opposite side of the cover. Slip each album cover into the finished flaps.

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