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Birthday Calendar

Remembering birthdays is easy with a perpetual birthday calendar. Write each name, date, and occasion on a card; then tuck the cards into a richly colored holder stitched on reversible banding.


Graph paper
9 3/4-inch length of 4-inch-wide 28-count burgundy banding with gold trim
Sewing thread or floss to match banding

3-inch length of 3/16-inch-diameter dowel
1 1/4 yards of 1/8-inch-wide white satin ribbon
White card stock


1. Download the free patterns for this project.
(Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software.)

2. Use the alphabet pattern to chart the word "Birthdays" on graph paper. Mark one end of the banding as the top and one side as the right side or front. Referring to diagram, fold 1/4-inch of the top raw edge to the back; fold again 3/4-inch from the first fold. Fold 1/4-inch of the bottom raw edge to the front; fold again 1/4-inch from the first fold. Hand- or machine-stitch close to the first fold.

3. Referring to the diagram, turn the banding so the bottom is at the top and the backside facing. Center and stitch "Birthdays" on the back of the banding, positioning the bottom of the lettering 1 1/4-inch below the folded edge. Fold 2 1/4-inch of the banding, including the lettering, toward the front; crease.

4. Referring to diagram, center and stitch the crown motif on the front of the banding, positioning the top stitches 1/2-inch below the hem stitches.

5. Assembly: Insert the dowel into the top hem. Cut the satin ribbon in half. Unfold the banding and weave a ribbon length through the openings along each long edge of the banding, leaving the excess ribbon at the top.

6. For the card pocket, refold the banding along the crease (see diagram). Slip-stitch the the side edges together. If desired, use a computer to make your own 3 1/4-inch-square cards on card stock or hand-print cards. Place the cards in the pocket and hang with the ribbon.

Wrote by BetterHomes

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